Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kia Motors honored as “Best Total Cost of Ownership Brand”

Bale Kia, the leading Kia dealership in Little Rock, AR, is pleased to announce that Kia Motors has been named as the “Best Total Cost of Ownership Brand” by the famous online locomotive resource, Kelly Blue Book’s In the survey, several features were calculated including depreciation, expected fuel costs, insurance, maintenance and repair costs, state fees and more and Kia's average Total Cost of Ownership came in below $40,000 over a five-year ownership period, besting all other non-luxury brands with a full-model lineup.  
For car buyers it is often difficult to estimate the total cost of ownership while purchasing their favorite car. This detailed survey by Kelly Blue Book offers in-depth reports, charts, and diagrams that are easy to comprehend for any first time car buyers. Thus this report will definitely help car buyers to make an informed decision before going for any deal.
Over the years, Kia has undergone a vast design led transformation and has improved on its quality, value, and safety features that have overall added value to the Kia brand. Today, Kia’s high quality cars and CUVs are perfect example of a combination of styling, cutting edge technology, and safety features. The low base price, excellent fuel economy, and now this title of “Best Total Cost of Ownership Brand” will definitely help customers to make a smart purchase.
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